Common Questions About Lab-Grown Diamonds Answered?

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Lab-grown diamonds have gained popularity among people recently. They are now being recognized as a great alternative to mined stones, as they carry the same structural properties as natural diamonds. But lab grown diamonds have a significant price difference when compared to mined diamonds. You can save at least 40% of your money by getting a lab-created or synthetic diamond instead of a natural one.

People have a lot of doubts regarding these stones. Many people believe that lab-created diamonds are fake. But you have to know that they are as real as your mined diamonds, as their physical and chemical properties are the same.

If you want to buy lab-grown diamonds, but have doubts about them, then this article can be beneficial for you, as we answer some of the common questions that people have about these stones.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

These diamonds are created inside a laboratory by mimicking the exact conditions that are required for the formation of natural diamonds. But this process is fairly fast, as it takes only a few weeks to develop a synthetic diamond. But a natural diamond can take billions of years to naturally develop under the earth.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are A Good Option?

As you might know, natural diamonds are recovered from the earth’s surface through mining. But this process comes with a lot of environmental hazards. Additionally, many social and ethical issues have been reported in association with the mining of diamonds including violating the employees, child labor, etc. So natural stones are considered unethical by a lot of people.

Lab-grown diamonds are an excellent alternative for such people, as they are free of these issues.

Are They Real Diamonds?

Yes. Lab-grown diamonds are real. Their appearance, structure, and features are the same as natural diamonds. Even gemological experts won’t be able to differentiate between lab-grown and natural diamonds without the help of advanced equipment.

Do They Have Resale Value?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Yes. Similar to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds have a good resale value. But their original price is less than that of natural diamonds, so do not compare the resale value of synthetic diamonds with natural ones.

Are They Available In Different Colors?

Just like the huge variety of colors available in natural diamonds, lab-created diamonds also come in different colors. They can be beneficial for people who want a vibrant look for their engagement rings at affordable rates.

Therefore, lab-grown diamonds create an affordable and ethical alternative to natural stones. Now it is possible for you to get them from physical stores and online diamond retailers.

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